Two ways to buy: Apple’s App Store and Ironic’s Official Store

Ironic supports two ways to buy its products. You can buy through the Mac App Store, or through our store, run by Fastspring. The downloadable copies of our programs can be licensed by purchasing a license from the Ironic Store. This licence is more suited for some business applications, as it does not require a Mac App Store account. The terms of the Mac App Store license are as laid out in the App Store. The terms for the Ironic license is that each license is for a single person, installing on up to 3 computers.

The Ironic stores are cheaper than the Mac App Store for each individual product and also offers a bundle which includes Yep, Leap, Deep and Fresh. The App Store only offers individually sold applications. Please contact us if you are upgrading from older products, as we have some discount coupons available. Also we offer multiple copy discounts.

Buy from our Fastspring store


Organize and find Documents

Mac App Store

Manage. Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to Documents, you’re on your own. That is, until now. Yep automatically finds document files on your computer, and also lets you add files of any type. Finally see the files you are dealing with.Learn more


Powerful file browsing and searching

Mac App Store

Find anything. Leap is optimized for Lion, including features like full screen and the ability to show even hidden files on your system. Want to find all images modified in the last week, but don’t want to go to the command line to find them? Use Leap.Learn more


Image search by color or size

Mac App Store

Find by color. Search for images by color or similarity, by tag or keyword, by size, shape, location or type. Another quiver in your tool belt, Deep can find images that you thought were lost. Deep works by analyzing all the images on your computer for color by palette.Learn more



Recently modified and used files

Mac App Store

Speed up your creative process. Instantly use attachments you download. Fresh also works seamlessly with full screen apps in Lion. Locate any file without going to the Finder. Perform Spotlight searches while in full screen. Keep yourself focussed.Learn more