Email Archiver

Email Archiver

“Email Archiver is simply perfect and is the only “Apple Mail companion app” that does what we expect from it: Archive tons of mails, fast and easy, in universal PDF format, with their attachments, well sorted by month and date. Period. … Again, thank you so much for your VERY PROFESSIONAL support. ” –JF


Apple’s does present some challenges:

  • What happens if you change your email account address?
  • What if you accidentally choose to erase all read messages on your email server?
  • How do you package up all the email for one client or case?
  • How do you make a long lasting archive of all your email in a future proof format?

Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email Archiver to create an archive of all your emails, or just a few folders.

Its simple. Launch the application and press the start button to create an organized folder of PDFs, one for each email. Email Archiver works with Apple’s Mail, storing your emails as PDFs. It makes them compatible anywhere you can open up a PDF, not just with Mail. Emails are stored hierarchically in the same way that your email is organized in Email archiver makes no changes to your Mail Folders. It simply scans through your thousands of email messages, creating a PDF for each one. It installs no special software, nor does it require to be running.

Email Archiver makes no changes to your Mail installation at all. It simply creates PDFs – thousands of them (or hundreds of thousands) in a destination folder that you pick once.

Email Archiver has its own website, so please head there to see more details. . Email Archiver is a product of Palmer Andersen, Ltd.

You can download it here. (will run as a time limited demo).

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