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Doesn't Leap render Yep unnecessary?

Yep is all about PDFs and Office/iWork documents, although you can ad any kind of file to it. Leap is more of a search tool: you can search for and tag any file type. So with Leap you can organize and search for your PDFs, but Yep has a scanner interface, and is simpler to use. Simple is good. Leap has a great set of tools for searching for and organizing documents. So take your pick or use both. Tags set in Leap and Yep work in both Leap and Yep.

What scanner do you recommend for use with Yep/Leap?

Most scanners that support TWAIN or Image Capture should work with Yep. (TWAIN is an industry standard protocol for connecting scanners to your computer and most companies supply TWAIN drivers with their scanners). To work with Leap, just make sure that the scans that the scanner software makes are in your favourite format, and that they are dropped into a folder that Leap can see.If for some reason your scanner is not recognized then Yep can still work in conjunction with it. To do so, continue scanning using the software that was shipped with your scanner. Most scanner software will let you set a location to deposit new scans. Choose Yep’s “Pending Documents” folder (~/Library/Application Support/Yep/Pending Documents). When Yep notices a new document in the Pending Documents folder it will automatically file it in your Yep Documents folder. Our favourite scanner is the Fujitsu ScanSnap. It’s a little more expensive than most flatbed scanners but it’s fast, scans multiple sheets automatically and can scan both sides of the paper.The ScanSnap also has really good OCR software that makes searchable PDFs.

Is there site licensing pricing available?

We understand that different organizations have different requirements for licenses. We offer everything from multiple copy (over 5) discounts, to full ‘site licenses’ usable by anyone in the company or school. Email us: Bulk licensing.

Leap and Yep vs Finder - Spotlight searching results in different file count

Spotlight on OS X:When Leap or the Finder does a search using the spotlight ‘engine’ on OS X, Spotlight returns documents from various places all over the hard drive, (but not everywhere). It does however return files in many unuseful locations, such as Library/Caches, etc. The Finder then takes these ‘raw’ results and filters out places that you are almost certainly not interested in seeing results in. For the most part I agree with what the Finder team decided.Leap tries to search the same locations as the OS X Finder for spotlight searching, PLUS a few additions. So For instance on my computer, Searching for PDFs, I get 1613 with the Finder by doing a ‘Kind is PDF’ search on ‘This Mac’. Leap finds 1908 PDFs. The extra items that Leap finds are mostly in the Developer/Library folder where I decided that there was some useful data that we should not skip. There are also a few other small places that Leap adds as useful places.

Leap isn't showing files that I know are there.

There are several ways this could happen. If you do a search in Leap for say, images, and then look in a folder that as 12 images and a PDF, the PDF will not show up, as you have done a search for images, and a PDF is not an image. To see all the files in a folder, select ‘Files and Folders’ from the orange source menu, and then pick the folder you want to see.Another thing that can happen on occasion is that you do a search for, say PDF files, and you look in a folder where you know there is a PDF, and it does not show up. A common cause of this is that your Spotlight database needs rebuilding. Also see this discussion: rebuilding Spotlight.

How do I backup my tags?

Leap and Yep 3.1 both automatically back up all tags and ratings as you use the programs if you select ‘Automatically backup Tags and Ratings’ in the advanced prefs. Time Machine will backup tags and also backup the backup files that Leap and Yep make. In addition, Yep and Leap 3.1 both will store a copy of your tags in your Dropbox account if you use Dropbox, and you have backup turned on.

Will Leap recognize tags I've added with other programs?

Leap and Yep automatically share tags, indeed using OpenMeta tagging means that several tagging applications from other companies also see these tags. There is another class of tags, ones that our products cannot change, because the tags are hard-coded into the document, or for other reasons. Leap and Yep call these tags ‘read-only keywords’.

My scanner doesn't work with Yep.

Yep uses Image Capture to talk to scanners. We have purchased a few scanners and borrowed others in order to make sure that a wide variety of scanners work with Yep. We have a Canon LIDE 90 and a 35, an Epson Perfection 4490, an HP PSC2355 all in one, a ScanSnap, and more. It does however seem tricky from our point of view to get all scanners to work with Yep. There are just too many problems in both the scanner drivers, and Apple’s own TWAIN code for us to be sure that every scanner will work with Yep.Pointers: 1) Reinstall your scanner software from the most recent available from the scanner companies web site. If possible uninstall first. 2) Try ImageCapture and TWAIN with Yep to see which works for you. 3) Consider not using Yep’s scanner interface by telling the scanner software to create PDFs and put them in your pending documents folder. This solution often works well, and is the way to use Yep with the ScanSnap.

Yep isn't showing files that I know are there.

There are two important points to remember about Yep: a) it only looks for PDFs/Office/iWork in locations that you have asked it to and b) it uses Spotlight to look for these files.With this in mind then, if you’re not seeing the files you’re expecting to see then it may be because you haven’t added the necessary locations to Yep’s Tracking preferences. If you’re sure you have added the right folder or folders to Yep’s tracking locations then the problem may be with Spotlight.If Spotlight can’t see the file then neither can Yep. Try doing a Spotlight search for a document you think should be showing up in Yep but isn’t and seeing whether Spotlight can find it.Is it in one of Spotlight’s “privacy” folders? Check your System Preferences:Spotlight and look at the list of Privacy folders. Yep won’t show you any documents that are in any of these folders.Your Spotlight database may be corrupt, in which case you will need to rebuild it. See rebuilding your spotlight database.

Does Yep duplicate or move my existing PDFs?

No. Unlike other pdf management systems, Yep and Leap leave your files where you want them; no importing is necessary. Instead, for Yep you choose where you would like Yep to look for PDFs/Office/iWork (See the preferences).

Are Yep or Leap available for Windows?

No, sorry, you will have to buy a Mac if you want Yep or Leap.

Where is a list of changes for the latest versions of Yep and Leap?

From now on, there will be posts on the blog whenever a new version of a program is released. View the blog.