Email archiving can be a painful experience

I partner at Palmer Andersen. Our latest OS X product is a complete rewrite of the successful Email Archiver.

This new version does not require to be installed on the Mac, indeed the business versions let you archive the email for 10 or 100 employees or more from one computer. Or use it just for yourself to keep your email as a nice searchable hierarchy of PDFs.

You can see all the details at



Simplify your life with Email Archiver Pro

Helps you create SEC compliant, accessible, and searchable, archives of all you company emails.

Personal  /  Business  /  Enterprise

Archiving made simple.

Archive multiple email accounts and folders with the press of a button.

Find stuff easily.

Email Archiver Pro turns all your emails (or just the folders you select) into searchable PDF’s with attachments.

Reduce bulk in your inbox

Email Archiver Pro frees up space and allows you to make sure your conversations are backed up and easily searchable.