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macOS Catalina, etc

We have not had any reports on macOS Mojave or Catalina problems, and its working fine on our computers here as well. Note that we are planning on a version 4 release in 2020 with dark mode support. Please forward any requests with ‘Feature Request’ in the subject line to [email protected] . –Tom

macOS High Sierra

We have not had any reports of problems with our products on the newest OS. We are planning a small routine update in the next month or so, mostly to stay up to date with Apple’s latest compilers, etc. The new file system appears to work well with Yep and Leap. We are anticipating that […]

macOS Sierra – new releases 3.8 of Yep and Leap and 2.8 of Fresh

We have updated Yep, Leap and Fresh on the Mac App Store and also on our retail sites. These builds fix some smaller bugs but the main reason for them is to release with the latest compilers and technology from Apple / Xcode. Release notes are here. We are working on a major upgrade for […]

Lead Assign

Ironic software is not all we do. Lead Assign is the newest product out of our Incubator North offices. Its a way to route incoming leads to your company to the appropriate sales (or admin) personnel.  Basically if you have a website with a contact form on it, when a user fills out your contact […]

Yep, Leap, Fresh – major update

This is a major update of Fresh, Yep and Leap. Well the new version number (3.7.0 and 2.7.0) is not a big change, but read below. Note that 3.7.0 is only available in these retail builds right now, Apple takes a while to approve new apps, so the App Store versions will not be updated […]

OS X 10.11 El Captain support

It looks like all the current Ironic programs are running fine under 10.11, we have had no reports of any issues. There is one thing that can happen on updating your OS. Every time that happens, Apple decides to rebuild your spotlight database. This is a good thing, but while the database is being rebuilt, […]

Email Archiver Pro 3 is released

Email archiving can be a painful experience I partner at Palmer Andersen. Our latest OS X product is a complete rewrite of the successful Email Archiver. This new version does not require to be installed on the Mac, indeed the business versions let you archive the email for 10 or 100 employees or more […]

The All New Email Archiver Pro 3

We are pleased to announce the availability of Email Archiver Pro 3 beta. (Free to use while in beta). Check it out at the official Email Archiver Pro website. Beta 4 shows off a major new feature: Custom path formats! Email Archiver Pro creates a future-proof, accessible, searchable, archive of all your emails and accounts. […]

3.6.1 Leap, Yep fixes DropZone tagging bug

3.6.1 fixes a bug where the tag editor was showing white on white (i.e. invisible) tags when using the Drop Zone. The old one was a dark colour which Yosemite interpreted as me wanting white on white. Thanks to a few users who pointed this out. –Tom  

New Leap, Yep, Fresh and Deep!

New builds of Leap, Yep, Deep and Fresh are up on our servers and also on the Apple Store. You can get the builds right here: They require OS X 10.8 or later, and are 64 bit only applications signed by Ironic Software. The changes are mostly of the keep the apps […]