Ironic software is not all we do. Lead Assign is the newest product out of our Incubator North offices. Its a way to route incoming leads to your company to the appropriate sales (or admin) personnel.  Basically if you have a website with a contact form on it, when a user fills out your contact form (i.e. generates a lead) – we get that lead into someone’s hands within a minute. If the first person in your company offered the lead declines or fails to respond, then five minutes later the next sales agent gets an SMS about the new lead. Of course leads can come from more than just a contact form!  You can give it a quick try here at our how it works page.

Lead Assign gives you the power to automate lead routing based on rules you define.

  • Consolidate your incoming lead sources
  • Distribute leads intelligently
  • Reduce response time & increase sales

Lead Assign is an easily customizable, fully-automated, lead distribution software system that reduces the cost of doing business, guarantees effective distribution, and works with your existing CRM, or as a standalone solution.

It works well for any business that has a few people who can handle leads and a few lead sources. Responding in a handful of minutes to a lead increases success rates by large amounts. We have been running out of beta for about 4 months. Give Joe Steeves – our sales lead a call.