Leap now has colour searching – which means that you can find images on your computer with colour palettes similar to a chosen image.

Here is an image that landed in my downloads folder, ‘Fast and Furious Quote’ which I then searched my Downloads folder for images with similar colours. What we search for is not a single colour (although that is easy to do), rather we search for images with similar palettes. The palette searched for is in the search crumb trail. You can see that the images it found are indeed similar in colour palette. A great help when doing design, photoshop, image work, etc.

Ok – I have a lot of images on my computer! Leap has indexed about half a million images in terms of analyzing their colour palettes. This means I can search for images with similar colours that are already on my computer quickly and easily.

Here are some more examples: Spot colour – and Visa apparently goes well with pancakes.