Mac Heist has just announced that Yep is included in their latest bundle.

In addition, Spotdox is being given away free by Mac Heist – no purchase required. Just visit Macheist and follow their directions for tweeting about Spotdox and the bundle.

Bundles like this provide both sales and marketing exposure for the indepScreen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.10.52 AMendent developers out there. I bought a copy to get the latest Data Rescue (friends seem to bring me computers once or twice a year with ‘it don’t work and what’s a backup?’). Also high on my list is Periscope, which takes photos with your computer for security, wildlife monitoring, etc.

Its $19.99 for over $600 of value, so head over today!

10% of all sales goes to a charity of your choice, making it even easier to buy. Macheist has raised a lot of money for charity this way

Thanks for your support,

–Tom Andersen