These products are shipping!

Mavericks includes tags in the Finder, and our products both leverage this new capability and also convert all your current tags in our 10.8 products to Apples tags. Note that the systems are basically identical, but Apple used their own internal name to describe the tags. From

Leap 3.5.1, Yep 3.5.1, Deep 1.5.1 and Fresh 2.5.1 can all be downloaded right now.

You can read more about Mavericks tags here.

These products require OS 10.7 and are built on and for systems up to 10.9.

I have been using the Mavericks Finder and its tagging facility is limited and simple. That said, any tag you apply with the Finder in Mavericks will show up in Leap or Yep and visa versa. We are using the official Apple API to set tags on documents, and we also set tags so that other people on your network who are still running 10.8 will see all current tags as well.

We know our tools will be popular as Apple advertises and promotes tags within the Mac eco system.

When it comes time to install Mavericks in the coming weeks, all you need to do is run Leap or Yep once to convert all the tags to Apple’s format (as I said, we also keep tags set for 10.7 – 10.8 systems too). Its all done automatically as soon as you open Leap, Yep or Fresh on Mavericks.