Dear Customers,

We are excited to release version 4 of our flagship products. These releases include optimizations and bug fixes for the latest OS, and some features like dark mode support. We have not at this time notified our user base to tell them about the newly available products, but that is coming soon.

If you would like to upgrade from an existing version, please contact us for the upgrade code (or wait for an update to 3.8.6 which will include an upgrade code).

It has been a while since version 3 was released (10 years!). We decided it was time for a major version change. We plan on using some momentum gained here to work on some new features for version 4.1, etc.

A word about Deep. The codebase for Deep was far different than that of Leap or Yep and we are sorry to say could not be upgraded to the latest Apple tech within the scope of our available time. I do have an idea though – and that is to put some of the colour matching and colour search tech into something like Leap 4.x. I have always thought that the colour matching and ‘search by similar image’ was one of the most powerful tools of Deep, we look forward to working on this feature once we get some other details out of the way.

You can download all three here: Leap , Yep, Fresh

As far as fixes goes, here are a few:

  • Tuned graphics engine for file previews. Leap, Yep
  • Dropbox Smart Sync support. Big bug fix for those of us (including tom) who use the super cool smart sync option of Dropbox. 3.x versions would ask the macOS for a high quality thumbnail of each image. This triggered a full file download from Dropbox, which caused various slow things to happen. We now check and if its a smart synced file, we use the thumbnail that’s available on the computer. Much faster. Leap, Yep
  • Dark Mode support. Leap, Yep, Fresh
  • Whole new graphics engine. Fresh
  • Search speed optimizations, Leap, Yep, Fresh
  • Scanning fixes. Yep now scans better. Yep
  • Retina icons, clean up of interface, Leap, Yep, Fresh