We are pleased to announce the availability of Email Archiver Pro 3 beta. (Free to use while in beta).

Check it out at the official Email Archiver Pro website.

Beta 4 shows off a major new feature: Custom path formats!

Email Archiver Pro creates a future-proof, accessible, searchable, archive of all your emails and accounts.
Email archiving made simple. Launch the application, enter your email details to create an organized folder of PDFs, one for each email.

Find stuff easily.
Email Archiver Pro turns all your emails (or just the folders you select) into searchable PDF’s with attachments. You can use our built in search engine, or your own.

Reduce bulk in your inbox
Email Archiver Pro frees up space and allows you to make sure your conversations are backed up and easily searchable.


Export email for a project or legal case into PDF format.
PDFs are a great format for searching and fulfillment of legal and other obligations.

Email Archiver Pro 3 is a total re-write of Email Archiver Pro 2. It now works without requiring Apple’s Mail.app.