New features with the upcoming version 3.1 of Leap and Yep:

1) Ability to set the location of filed documents to anywhere (e.g. inside your dropbox)

2) Tags and ratings set on one computer should transfer to other computers for _all files_ in your home folder (any files with the same paths on both computers).
3) There is a new bookmark item ‘Dropbox’ that shows up if you have dropbox installed.

4) Automatic tags and ratings backup. This allows for complete tag repair in the event of catastrophic loss or change to your computer. If you are using dropbox then this backup and restore process will work seamlessly.

I have a put a beta up at
I have a put a beta up at

To run the beta you need a license from Fastspring or Kagi. If you currently have version 3 from the app store, let me know and I can get you a license number for this beta.

It does the dropbox tags sync by creating one file – which is hidden on your mac, as it starts with a ‘.’. You can see it on the web interface for Dropbox. The file is about 200kB for each 1000 files you have tagged. I try to minimize dropbox traffic by taking advantage of details about how dropbox syncs files.

There is a beta of this build just to get feedback about these features.

Discuss it in our support forums.

–Tom Andersen