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macOS Catalina, etc

We have not had any reports on macOS Mojave or Catalina problems, and its working fine on our computers here as well. Note that we are planning on a version 4 release in 2020 with dark mode support. Please forward any requests with ‘Feature Request’ in the subject line to [email protected] . –Tom

OS X 10.11 El Captain support

It looks like all the current Ironic programs are running fine under 10.11, we have had no reports of any issues. There is one thing that can happen on updating your OS. Every time that happens, Apple decides to rebuild your spotlight database. This is a good thing, but while the database is being rebuilt, […]

ExtremeZ-IP and Leap (and Yep)

We have worked with some offices using GroupLogic’s ExtremeZ-IP Mac windows sharing solution. We have created a special build of Leap designed for this environment, that allows image and PDF searching by image kind, etc. This build allows Design and Development professionals working on Macs to easily browse visual assets on ExtremeZ-IP enabled Windows servers. Please […]

OS X Mavericks includes Tagging!


If you want to start making use of the tagging features in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, you can just download or buy Leap, Yep, Fresh or Deep right now and get going! Ironic Software, along with the rest of the tagging crowd is pleased to note the addition of Tags to OS X 10.9. What will Ironic do about it? 1) Make […]

Spotdox for Dropbox

We would like to introduce our visitors to a new product, Spotdox. How does this extend Dropbox’s functionality? Dropbox only gives you access to your files within your Dropbox folder. Spotdox allows you to browse, copy, and send, ANY file or folder on you computer to anyone or anywhere. Spotdox is free for life for early […]

Leap screencast, Leap 3.1.3, Yep 3.1.3, Fresh 2.0.8

There was a nice screencast done about Leap at It is well produced, etc. Note that screencastsonline are not free, they publish an iPad magazine on Newsstand. UPDATE: Leap 3.1.3 and Yep 3.1.3 now have a nice new feature. When you select a file or multiple files, you can choose to ‘Email or Export’ […]

Introducing Email Archiver

Create PDFs from your email. Ironic today announces that it is selling and supporting Email Archiver, an OS X application that creates a PDF for each email that you have in your installation. Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email […]

Fresh 2.0.7

Fresh 2.0.7 is out.

You can download it at

If you have purchased from the Mac App Store, 2.0.7 will be out in a few weeks or so, delayed due to Apple’s approval process.

Yep, Leap 3.1 – Dropbox, iCloud integration

Today we released Yep and Leap 3.1.0. Note that if you have purchased from the Mac App Store, 3.1 will take a week or two to show up in your automatic update. Dropbox support: Bookmark Yep – simply click on the Dropbox bookmark (which only shows if you use dropbox) to show all documents that […]

Fresh 2.0.6 – the ‘Dock Edition’

We have had a few requests for a version of Fresh that runs in the dock. Version 2.0.6 runs either in the Dock or in the Menubar, there is a command in the Fresh menu to switch. The app store version will take a week or three to appear, here is a link to the […]