Fresh 2.0.7 is out on our stores, and for download. The Mac App Store version should be out ‘soon’ (although things are slow in the Mac App Store right now).

Fresh 2.0.7 has a nice new feature – scrolling with the trackpad and mouse is now supported. Its now much faster to look at the hidden rows in the Fresh files and the cooler. Thanks to Matt who suggested this feature.

Another important fix is that on dual graphics card MacBook Pros, Fresh will now run on the more power saver friendly integrated graphics. Fresh 2.0.6 and earlier would use the faster graphics card if it was there, which hurt battery life. The story behind this is that Fresh uses an Apple framework called IKImageBrowser and this in turn starts up OpenGL. When a program starts up with the intention to use OpenGL, OS X has no way of knowing if the app will use advanced features, and so starts up the faster card, just in case. Fresh sets a special setting telling the OS that it does not need anything advanced, and so now is easier on the battery. Thanks Graham for working with me on this, as I don’t have a MacBook Pro! I guess I’m holding out for a MacBook air with 16GB RAM.