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Yep and Fresh have dramatically changed every workflow I have. I use those two apps exclusively for document management, and they’re amazing. If you ever need a spokesman, I’ll do it for free! I used a Fujitsu ScanSnap that I bought in 2011 (still going strong), and keep almost zero paper files. I threw away 5 filing cabinets within a month of getting the scanner and Yep! –A User

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Leap Yep Fresh  Deep (OS X 10.9 or later) 

macOS Sierra, Yosemite, Mavericks, tags and more.

All of Ironic’s applications set tags using industry standard tagging conventions. We are pleased to announce that Apple has finally ‘caught the tagging fever’. On 10.9 all ironic product use these new tags, while still setting tags that can be seen by anyone using 10.7 or later. Apple continues to improve the use of tags with macOS.

Our products are definitely not only about tagging, though. Take Leap for instance. With it you can show all the images on your hard drive in seconds, and use its folder list and searching to find that photoshop or png that went missing last week.  We don’t know how people who work on their Mac all day can do without Fresh – which is a search tool and ‘file dock’ that makes sense.

Professional workflow

Ironic’s applications support your creative workflow. Yep shows you all your office related documents, Fresh allows you to use your most important and recent documents when you need them – without switching to the Finder. Leap is a ninja quality explorer useful for adept professionals of all types, from creative to developers. Deep allows you to search through all the images on your computer for ones that ‘match’ any other photo – great for finding images that work well together.

Apple’s App Store and Ironic’s Store

Ironic supports two ways to buy its products. You can buy through the Mac App Store, or through our own store, run by FastSpring. The downloadable copies of our programs can be licensed by purchasing a license from the Ironic Store. This licence is more suited for some business applications, as it does not require a Mac App Store account.

Mac App Store