Create PDFs from your email.

Ironic today announces that it is selling and supporting Email Archiver, an OS X application that creates a PDF for each email that you have in your installation.

Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email Archiver to create an archive of all your emails, or just a few folders.

Its simple. Launch the application and press the start button to create an organized folder of PDFs, one for each email. Email Archiver works with Apple’s Mail, storing your emails as PDFs. It makes them compatible anywhere you can open up a PDF, not just with Mail. Emails are stored hierarchically in the same way that your email is organized in Email archiver makes no changes to your Mail Folders. It simply scans through your thousands of email messages, creating a PDF for each one. It installs no special software, nor does it require to be running.

Attachments are handled by creating a folder next to the email PDF.

Email Archiver has been out for about a year now. Use cases include:

  • Legal cases – export all relevant email to a format suitable for sending to 3rd parties.
  • Projects/clients – create an archive of all email associated with a given client.
  • Archival Quality – The PDFs created are suitable for searching with Spotlight, and have details like the original email header included for posterity and accuracy.
  • Moving email accounts – wonder what to do with your 8,876 emails in your old ‘[email protected] account? Now you know.
  • Accidental account changes. Live in fear of hitting a setting that will erase all read messages from the server?

For more details see the Email Archiver site – or just buy now!