It looks like all the current Ironic programs are running fine under 10.11, we have had no reports of any issues.

There is one thing that can happen on updating your OS.bundle Every time that happens, Apple decides to rebuild your spotlight database. This is a good thing, but while the database is being rebuilt, searching in the Finder or using Yep, Leap, etc may not work completely. The solution is simple – just wait it out. Note that on a Macbook the system may not get a lot of free time to rebuild Spotlight, plus do other housekeeping chores, as the lid may be closed and the system sleeping.

So if you have a laptop and upgrade the OS – leave it plugged in with the lid up for a few hours to let everything catch up.

We are looking at some minor updates over the next few months, followed by a more major update in 2016.


Tom Anderen