If you want to start making use of the tagging features in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, you can just download or buy LeapYepFresh or Deep right now and get going!

Ironic Software, along with the rest of the tagging crowd is pleased to note the addition of Tags to OS X 10.9.

What will Ironic do about it?

1) Make sure our applications support any changeover or updating that is needed. (Looks like a small update will be needed to integrate and update tags.)

2) Be happy.

3) Continue to supply tools that will make tagging more useful on the Mac. Its very likely that the interface for tagging in Mavericks will be a little watered down for many people’s taste. We want to satisfy that thirst.

It appears that the technical under – the hood implementation of tagging in OS X 10.9 is more than very similar to the methods used by OpenMeta tags. This is good in two ways, as it promises a clean and simple transition, and the other is that we knew we had it right 5 years ago when we started working on a unified tagging solution for the Mac.

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