MacHeist Bundle – Get Yep, Data Rescue

Mac Heist has just announced that Yep is included in their latest bundle. In addition, Spotdox is being given away free by Mac Heist – no purchase required. Just visit Macheist and follow their directions for tweeting about Spotdox and the bundle. Bundles like this provide both sales and marketing exposure for the independent developers out […]

Spotdox is Yep and Leap on the iPhone

We get requests on a regular basis – when is Yep coming to the iPhone/iPad? The answer to that question is basically ‘no’. Yep and Leap users have lots and lots of data that they are handling – thousands of PDFs, or video and media librarie s that cover many GB (or  TB!) of data. […]

BBC Article on Tagging

Ian Hardy of the BBC: “It’s a little-known fact that in the computer world, the word “Tags” stands for Totally Awesome Gathering System. Actually, it’s a little-known fact because I just made it up after spending a few weeks delving into the mini industry of desktop productivity, particularly the organisation of documents, spreadsheets, emails, images […]


Article at the Daily Mac View… There are systems and tools to help with the organization of your files and file system. What is often stressed in any productivity model such as “Getting things Done” (GTD) is organization from front end to back. The simple reason is if you can’t find an important resource, not […]

ExtremeZ-IP and Leap (and Yep)

We have worked with some offices using GroupLogic’s ExtremeZ-IP Mac windows sharing solution. We have created a special build of Leap designed for this environment, that allows image and PDF searching by image kind, etc. This build allows Design and Development professionals working on Macs to easily browse visual assets on ExtremeZ-IP enabled Windows servers. Please […]

Spotdox deal on with Stack Social

Stack Social is helping Spotdox (that’s us too) promote the Spotdox $19  lifetime license. Spotdox allows you to see ALL the files on your Mac from your phone or any web browser. The IOS app should be out any day now, is free and access from iPhone is included with this deal. It works with […]

Happy Holidays from Ironic – Free Fresh

Fresh is a free download from the Apple App Store for a limited time. Please tell your friends too! Fresh is for people who deal with files all day long. Graphics files especially. When you download a file, Fresh has it – right there for you to drag into a file open dialog – no […]

Mavericks optimized Leap, Yep, Deep and Fresh

These products are shipping! Mavericks includes tags in the Finder, and our products both leverage this new capability and also convert all your current tags in our 10.8 products to Apples tags. Note that the systems are basically identical, but Apple used their own internal name to describe the tags.  Leap 3.5.1, Yep 3.5.1, Deep […]

OS X Mavericks includes Tagging!


If you want to start making use of the tagging features in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, you can just download or buy Leap, Yep, Fresh or Deep right now and get going! Ironic Software, along with the rest of the tagging crowd is pleased to note the addition of Tags to OS X 10.9. What will Ironic do about it? 1) Make […]

Email Archiver 2.6.4

Email Archiver 2.6.4 brings some incremental bug fixes, mostly to do with edge cases for some unicode character handling. It also now creates a log file of all files created in one session. This satisfies a request that several people have made. You can run ‘from scratch’ and get a list of all PDFs and […]