Author: iradmin

Dropbox support coming for Leap and Yep

New features with the upcoming version 3.1 of Leap and Yep: 1) Ability to set the location of filed documents to anywhere (e.g. inside your dropbox) 2) Tags and ratings set on one computer should transfer to other computers for _all files_ in your home folder (any files with the same paths on both computers). […]

Mountain Lion & signed applications

Mountain Lion is out, I have been running it here for about a month, and I like it. It seems nicer than Lion. First a few words about our products compatibility. Testing and day to day usage has been done with all our current versions (Leap 3, Yep 3, Fresh 2, and Deep 1.4). In […]

New Website

We are proud to announce our new website. It is a wordpress site, so lends itself to blogging! The old forums have been imported to the site – look under support for them. If you have any suggestions about the site, or want to report something that’s missing, please post below. Comments on this site […]